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Attorney using CARET Legal Workflows on a laptop
Law Firm Operations

CARET Legal Workflows Are Now Available

We know that the average working day for skilled legal professionals is extremely unbalanced with roughly 60% of time spent on work that includes searching for information, finding documents, and sitting in meetings, while just 27% of their time is actually dedicated to practicing law.

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group of attorneys discussing law firm realization rate
Reporting & Analytics

How to Improve Your Law Firm Realization Rate

Your law firm’s realization rate is a key performance indicator that should be used to inform strategic decision-making and contribute to the overall success and stability of your firm. Improving your law firm’s realization rate can be achieved by employing a few effective strategies: accurate time tracking and billing, regular

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lawyer billing for time
Law Firm Operations

The Attorney Billing Cheat Sheet (2024)

Billing clients is a critical aspect of an attorney’s role, not just for the obvious reason of revenue generation, but also for demonstrating the value of their services, ensuring transparency, managing resources effectively, and fulfilling professional obligations. Accurate billing not only ensures attorneys are fairly compensated for their work, but

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Attorney overcoming law firm challenges at work
Law Firm Operations

Addressing Law Firm Challenges with Legal Practice Management Software

Improving realization rates, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring client satisfaction are all common law firm challenges that can be easily addressed with legal practice management software (LPMS). A LPMS automates many manual processes that hinder a firm’s progress and profitability. By adopting a legal practice management software, your firm can streamline

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Lawyers discussing how to integrate legal document automation software into their firm
Document Management

Getting Started with Law Firm Document Automation Software

Previously, the legal industry was believed to be one of the most labor-intensive professional services, caused by the sheer scale and volume of document generation and the frequent document updates required to maintain accuracy and compliance. The belief that only the most skilled and knowledgeable people in the firm were

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Law firm discussing the rule of thirds
Law Firm Operations

Simplifying Your Law Firm’s Rule of Thirds Calculation

The rule of thirds provides a guideline for law firms to maintain a balanced approach to financial management. It ensures that the firm covers its operating expenses, adequately compensates partners for their work and investment, and retains a portion of profit for future stability and growth.

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attorney using time tracking software
Law Firm Operations

Attorney Time Tracking Software Makes Law Firm Accounting Easier

Poor time tracking negatively impacts law firm financials by causing lost billable hours, inaccurate billing, reduced efficiency, incomplete client records, and hindering profitability analysis. Implementing effective time tracking systems and ensuring compliance with accurate recording practices is crucial for maintaining financial health and maximizing revenue for a law firm.

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Lawyer utilizing law firm expense tracking software
Billing, Payments & Accounting

Top Reasons to Move Your Law Firm Expense Tracking Out of Excel

While Excel is great at data organization and basic calculations, software reporting and analytics tools designed specifically for law firms make it far easier to analyze each case’s profitability while tracking expenses and identifying areas where you can cut costs or improve efficiency. 

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