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lawyer experiencing burnout
Law Firm Operations

Using Tech to Prevent Lawyer Burnout

Lawyer burnout is a significant and prevalent issue in the modern legal profession. Studies show that many lawyers face intense pressure and long working hours, causing mental health issues and exhaustion. However, practice management technology is increasingly becoming a viable solution to curtail lawyer burnout. Tools like CARET Legal help

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A boutique law firm utilizing legal practice management software
Matter Management

How Boutique Law Firms Benefit From Practice Management Software

As a boutique law firm, your specialized legal services have undoubtedly carved a unique space within the legal landscape. However, the administrative tasks integral to managing a small or specialty law firm can often pose significant challenges. Enter practice management software. Utilizing a practice management software can simplify your operations

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the cost of a legal practice management system
Law Firm Operations

Law Practice Management: There Are Cost Savings in the Cloud

While most law firms understand that cloud-based practice management is an option for them, many still hesitate when it comes to adopting new technologies, according to the 2021 ABA Legal Technology Survey Report. Twenty-five percent of the lawyers surveyed said their firm doesn’t use cloud services. Those holding out are

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man at laptop with papers in one hand
Reporting & Analytics

CARET Legal Feature Spotlight: Effective Rates Report

Measuring the productivity and profitability of your timekeepers is rarely straightforward. There is, of course, the hourly rate and total billable hours for any given matter, but that fails to look at all the different variables: differing rates by matter or client and time spent on the matter that can’t

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