Say Goodbye to Sticky Notes

Freakonomics Radio recently did a really interesting podcast about handwriting. During the episode, they talked to regular people and experts about the pros and cons of moving from a pen and paper society to a digital one. Here at CARET Legal, we have an on-going debate about pen and paper vs. digital notetaking, so it was exciting to listen to the podcast and hear that we are not the only people thinking about these things.

Just like the Freakonomics folks, we think there is a time and place for both hand-written and digital note-taking and record-keeping, especially in the legal world. To that end, we designed CARET Legal to meet the needs of people who like both types of files.

If you prefer to take notes by hand, CARET Legal can function as your digital file cabinet and backup system. Simply scan your document or take a picture of it, then upload that file into CARET Legal. Making a digital backup means you will never have to worry about a sticky note losing its stickiness and falling out of the file it needs to stick with again.

If you are more of a digital note-taker here are several cool ways to keep track of your notes using CARET Legal:


If you want to, you can create documents directly in CARET Legal with the notes function. All notes will be associated with a matter when they are created so you don’t have to spend time uploading them onto a server and associating them with a client’s matter later – it happens automagically. The notes have rich text editing and can be converted to a PDF for sharing.  You can even access your notes and edit them securely via your cell phone or tablet on the mobile app, so you can work wherever and whenever you need.

While You Were Out

Have you ever come back from a meeting only to find a stack of notes or pile of emails summarizing the calls you missed? CARET Legal makes working your way through these calls easier by associating each call with a matter. With just a few clicks you can return the call, keep track of time spent addressing the issue, and bill that time.

Digital To-Do Lists

As I covered in a previous post, our task management features are second to none. Unlike items on your handwritten list, your digital task list can be delegated to others for completion by a specific date and time.  You can even standardize subtasks by creating a task template, receive notification once the task is completed (or if it is overdue) and get a reminder to check as the deadline approaches. Try doing that with a sticky note!

Adapting your practice to increase your efficiency in the digital age.  That’s the CARET Legal way.

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