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Law Firm Operations

Best Practices in Onboarding Attorneys

When a law firm hires an attorney from another firm, certain challenges need to be addressed. It is prudent to address these issues prior to day one, before the lateral attorney becomes an entrenched member of the firm. It is equally important to recognize that each attorney is unique and

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Document Management

The Name of the Game in Real Estate Law is Change

The key to growing and thriving in real estate law is to stay on top of these changes and to leverage practice management tools in overseeing client activity, communications and cases. Here are some of the important changes happening in real estate law that may signal opportunity for your firm.

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Billing, Payments & Accounting

Controlling Expenses

The goal of all law firms is to be profitable, but achieving that goal can be difficult for some lawyers. Generating income is, obviously, the first step towards making a profit; of course, income can only be generated if billable hours are accurately recorded and invoiced to clients, and if

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Billing, Payments & Accounting

Best Practices in Collecting Accounts Receivable

Picture this: a new client retained the firm, timely work was performed, invoices were prepared and sent to the client and yet those invoices remain unpaid. Sound familiar? Many law firms have very high accounts receivable balances that are aged over 120 days and these high and aged invoices directly

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