Old-School Lawyer Problems Resolved with New-School Technology

We can all clearly picture a lawyer that has been in practice for decades. They are trapped behind a desk piled high with client files, various documents, and correspondence long needed to be sorted and filed. They complain that they can’t ever find what they are looking for in the pile of papers they have amassed. Notes about important client meetings fall by the wayside. The dreaded end of the month comes and they have to enter their billable hours they have scrawled down on a piece of paper. These kind of lawyer problems are a thing of the past with advances in legal technology.

Clear off that Cluttered Desk by Going Paperless

With the development of legal practice management software and cloud based technology, there is no need to have client files piled on your desk. Legal practice management software allows you to access all client file information right on your computer, from any other computer in your firm, or even from your mobile device. Contact information, case-related documents, task lists, case notes are all there in one place. Your client case file information is vitally important to providing the most effective legal counsel, manage it accordingly. It should also be securely stored to uphold the duty of confidentiality you owe to your clients. Legal practice management lets you manage this critical information in an organized, easily accessible, and secure way.

Easily Track and Enter Your Billable Hours

If you have worked for an old-school law firm, you know the feeling of dread that settles in at the end of the month. The month’s end means it is time to complete the cumbersome and time draining task of entering in your billable hours. Over the month you have kept track of your billable hours by constantly watching the clock and scribbling down the start and end time of every single client-related task. Sheet after sheet of these time sheets have piled up on your desk over the weeks and you prepare yourself for a whole day of entering in billable hours instead of spending time actually billing more hours to make money for your firm. Thankfully, legal technology has eliminated the need for this dreaded monthly task. With a legal practice management application you can set a digital timer to track your billable hours and have them digitally stored right away. This allows you to easily track your billable times as you go.

Never Miss Another Important Deadline with Effective Calendaring

Missing important deadlines, failing to show up at important court dates, and being a no-show for client meetings is a great way to alienate clients, undermine your business, and end up with a bar complaint. Lawyers cannot afford to lose track of time or forget they were supposed to be somewhere. Your clients are trusting you with important legal matters. Honor them by honoring your schedule and set deadlines. Effective calendaring can help you to never forget another important date. Legal practice management calendaring features allow you to enter in deadlines and schedule your important meetings. You can even set up a reminder to alert you when an upcoming deadline or event is coming near.

Transitioning to the use of legal technology does not have to be scary and can bring so much value to your law practice. CARET Legal has all of the legal practice management features mentioned here and all in a user-friendly interface that provides you with an organized and secure way of operating law firm business.

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