FL Bar CLE Requirement – One small step for technology. One giant leap for the legal profession.

Florida has become the first state to mandate technology CLEs. Beginning January 1st, Florida lawyers must complete a minimum of three extra credit hours of technology-related CLE courses, raising the standard to 33 hours every three years. The FL State Bar decided that lawyers within the state have a technological competence to protect and serve their clients as necessary.  Florida Bar Board of Governors member John Stewart stated, “[l]awyers now have to be familiar with social media issues, e-discovery, e-filing, legal outsourcing, web-based conferences, cloud computing and record keeping, how electronic records are stored and secured, webinars, protecting their electronic communications with clients, and other issues.”

Today, legal consumers expect a certain level of technological competence from the legal provider they seek out. A tech-savvy lawyer will deliver a prospective client’s needs in the quickest and most effective way possible, eliminating extra billable hours.

With CARET Legal, you can manage every aspect of your firm in one place to streamline workflow and get back to your clients’ requests in a timely manner. Caseway Mobile, our client portal app, creates a unique and easy way to securely share documents and receive payments with your clients. Integrating legal technology into the daily practices of your firm will allow you to effectively and efficiently meet the needs and expectations of the 21st century client.

We will be exhibiting CARET Legal at The Florida Bar Tech Show: Riding the Technology Wave conference on January 27-28 in Orlando and discussing, along with other experts in this space, how the use of legal technology will allow your firm to get back to what it does best: practice law.

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