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Matter Management

Preparing for Legal Practice Data Migration

Legal management software is essential to the functionality of your law firm. Managing and prioritizing legal tasks for your team can be a daunting task without it – but, updating your software can be daunting as well. After relying on the same legal management software for years, it can seem

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Matter Management

Meeting Legal Client Expectations Regarding Technology

Today’s legal clients demand high-quality service from their attorneys, particularly regarding technology. Using the latest legal technology typically makes an attorney more efficient, accurate and productive, resulting in happier clients and more time to do what they are trained to do: practice law.

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Law Firm Operations

Attorney Organization Tips

Attorneys work in a very high-stress environment and oftentimes feel they must always be the expert in the room. Embracing organization can not only make repetitive tasks more efficient, but also reduce stress. Well-organized attorneys will take advantage of the ability to automate many daily tasks. Being organized is not

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