Keeping Client Confidentiality With Caseway Portal

With cyber security concerns on the rise, how can you safeguard sensitive information against security breaches?

To stay in contact with your clients on a regular basis, you probably use email as your preferred way to share and discuss details about their case. But as we’ve all read in the news, email is not the most secure way of sharing sensitive information. Without internal encryption, information shared between your practice and your clients may be intercepted by a third party.

As an attorney, you have an ethical responsibility to protect your client’s confidential communications. Cyber security and ethical concerns abound when exchanging any sensitive information over email, but particularly when you are transmitting data that could cause harm if it fell into the wrong hands, such as a client’s social security number or medical records in a medical malpractice case. How do you maintain the confidentiality of your clients when the most convenient way of communication may also be the most dangerous?

That is where Caseway comes in. Caseway is a secure portal that allows you to send and receive confidential documents and invoices with people outside of your firm without having to worry about third party interceptions. CARET Legal’s servers are equipped with SSL, bank-level encryption so you don’t have to stay up all night worrying about security risks.

To use Caseway, visit the Documents icon on the left, click the person icon on the right hand side of the document you wish to share and click “Share via Caseway.” To ensure that the intended party is receiving the document, CARET Legal uses two-way authentication. Your client will receive a text message with an activation code, along with an email asking them to create an account. Each time you share any additional documents, they will receive an email notification and can log in to Caseway online to access the document. Your firm has the option to un-share a document at any time and your clients have the option of uploading their own documents for your firm to view. You may also share invoices with your clients using the “Share via Caseway” button on the right-hand side of the intended invoice within the Accounting feature.

At CARET Legal, we also offer Caseway Mobile, our premium branded portal that allows your clients to access Caseway on the go. This application is available on iOS and Android for mobile devices and will be branded with your firm’s logo and colors. With Caseway Mobile, your clients can share and access documents, scan and upload multi-page documents using edge detection and make credit card payments on outstanding invoices or replenish their retainers.

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