A Few of Our Favorite Things from 2021

Each year, the CARET Legal development team releases hundreds of updates and dozens of new features to help law firms be more efficient and profitable. While this year was full of updates and changes, CARET Legal users have spoken, and we’re pleased to share our top 10 releases of 2021.

1. In-Document Search

CARET Legal now indexes all documents uploaded to the platform, allowing firms to quickly search by matter, client, practice area and for content within the document.

2. Z-Editor

Edit Microsoft Word (docx) files without having to leave CARET Legal. With this feature, once you open CARET Legal’s Z-Editor, a time entry will start running so you can capture the time it takes to edit your documents. Once you save the document, it uploads as a new version. This feature is available for EnterprisePlus plans.

3. Document Dashboard

Users can now view their documents all on one landing page so that they manage their firm documents.

document dashboard in CARET Legal

4. Scheduled Reports

Users can configure and schedule reports to be received via email in desired intervals (daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly). With this feature, available to EnterprisePlus users, you can also send the report to multiple users in PDF and/or CSV format.

5. AI-Enabled OCR Engine

Users with an EnterprisePlus subscription can now OCR both handwritten text and an image of text to create searchable content within CARET Legal’s DMS. CARET Legal’s AI-enabled OCR can detect street signs and car license plates, recognize paragraph text, recognize handwriting, and works with virtually all file types including PDF, JPG, PNG, TIFF.

6. Document Previewer

Users are now able to preview documents when sending/receiving emails, reviewing matter documents, and saved communication records, eliminating the need to download them first.

7. Trust Retainer Replenishment on Invoice

If your firm requires that clients maintain a specific trust balance, the “Required Trust Balance” can be configured to incorporate that number into the client’s invoice balance.

8. General Deposits

CARET Legal users can accept payments unrelated to a matter and assign them to the account of their choosing.

9. Split Payout Report

Users can see a detailed view of fees split by matter Origination/Responsible rates.

10. Zoom Meeting Integration

Users have the ability to add a Zoom meeting link into a calendar event.

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