2023 Roundup for CARET Legal 

As we look forward to what the new year brings, we also want to take a moment to reflect on how 2023 has gotten us to where we are today. 2023 was a year of significant enhancements with everything from our elevated new brand, CARET Legal, to the growth and added sophistication of our platform technology. In this roundup blog post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the key moments that defined the year and take a trip down memory lane to revisit the highs of 2023. 

Our New Brand: CARET Legal 

At our core, we strive to help professionals remove administrative busy work and simplify workloads so they can focus on what matters. Simply put, we create space for what matters, just like a caret. A caret, ^, represents creating room for expansion and for what is to come, making it the perfect representation of the company’s future. 

As Zola Suite is now CARET Legal, our customers experienced several new features in the platform that show how we have intentionally created space for what matters. Check out the roundup of 2023 releases in our on-demand webinar here. 

Growth Across the Board 

Over the past year, CARET Legal has experienced tremendous growth across both the firms that use our platform, and the clients that they service. These power stats demonstrate our commitment to delivering exceptional products and services to our customers, and our ability to scale our operations to meet growing demand. 

CARET Legal in 2023

CARET Leaders in the News 

CARET’s thought leaders are shaping the legal tech landscape with various article and podcast features in popular legal publications, such as Law.com and Attorney at Work. Take a look: 

A podcast with our CEO, Keri Gohman, on Using embedded fintech to modernize the entire legal industry. (The SMB Tech Innovators Podcast) 

Articles by our Chief Product & Experience Officer, Jennifer Sherman: 

Articles featuring our General Manager of Payments, Kevin Gallagher: 

CARET Legal Awards 

In 2023, CARET Legal was honored to be awarded three ‘Best of’ awards in the categories of Case Management Software, Document Management Software and Calendaring Software. The award was voted by readers of the New Jersey Law Journal. Learn more.  

2023’s Most Popular Content 

From blogs and reports to whitepapers and webinars, we’ve developed numerous amounts of thought leadership content to assist our customers in staying up to date with legal industry trends and best practices to set them up for success. Here are our most noteworthy pieces: 

CARET Legal on the Road 

In 2023, we attended, exhibited, sponsored, and spoke at a number of conferences across the country.  

  • Legalweek was the first conference of 2023 where we introduced our company brand, CARET. We were thrilled at how well our new brand was received and we had lots of conversations with legal professionals about who CARET is and what we stand for. 
  • ABA Techshow. Our team has attended ABA Techshow in Chicago for several years now. At the 2023 show, we announced our rebranding of Zola Suite to CARET Legal and plastered our branding throughout the expo hall to make a big splash.  
  • ALA Annual in Washington was a valuable show filled with meaningful conversations with legal administrators and thought-provoking sessions.  
  • NetDocs Inspire Conference: We were thrilled to participate in a panel focused on AI at this pivotal event, with our CEO Keri Gohman sharing insights on the firm of the future, how CARET is securely approaching AI, along with context on where AI is poised to make law practices of all sizes hyper-efficient. 
  • Our inaugural CARET Camp was hosted in San Diego, CA in June 2023. At this 3-day offsite, we brought together a think tank of our trusted partners to discuss the evolution of the legal tech industry and strategies to help law firms of all sizes and niches. 
CARET Camp session

CARET Camp 2023

2023 Top Features Released 

From the introduction of AI with Quick Summary to advanced document automation, powered by HotDocs, 2023 had a number of new releases that service sophisticated law firms looking for modern technology solutions. 

Quick Summary eliminates the hassle out of digesting lengthy documents. It provides you with concise, yet comprehensive summaries. With just a quick glance, you will grasp the main points, critical insights, and key takeaways. When you need to locate a document timely or refresh your memory on a set of documents, Quick Summary does the heavy lifting for you, condensing complex information into an easily digestible preview. 

To see a demo of what we released in 2023, watch the on-demand webinar recording here

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