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iOS and Android Mobile Apps

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CARET Legal mobile application

Connecting you on the go. Native iOS and Android apps designed to help you take your practice on the road…


Many practice management applications claim to have mobile functionality, but they rely on mobile-friendly websites rather than dedicated apps developed for the purpose. While subscribers can technically log into a mobile-friendly website from a smartphone or tablet, the user experience is less than ideal with slow loading times and awkward functionality. CARET Legal offers native iOS and Android apps that take advantage of the latest in mobile technology, including Apple Touch ID and Android fingerprint recognition.

Your Matters at Your Fingertips

You never know when a client will call looking for updates. With CARET Legal’s mobile apps, no matter where you are, all of your case information is just a click away. You can add or edit tasks, initiate calls with any contact, see upcoming appointments, retrieve contact information and even access case documents. Your clients will be impressed that you are on top of things, even if you’re taking some time away from the office.

CARET Legal mobile app


Secure One Touch Accessibility

Let’s not forget that mobile devices are mobile. They can go missing or be used by persons who should not have access to your confidential client information. To protect yourself and your clients, our mobile apps feature touch ID authentication, combining maximum security with maximum efficiency.


Super Accurate Business Card Scanner

After a big meeting or a lengthy deposition, the last thing you want to do is spend your time inputting new contacts into your practice management. No worries. Both of CARET Legal’s mobile apps feature a sophisticated business card scanner. Simply take a photo of the business card and CARET Legal will transcribe the information and add it to your address book. Now you’re good to go.

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