CARET Legal Feature Spotlight: Vendor Reports

Law firms work with dozens, or even hundreds, of different vendors each month. Without the right tools, tracking all of the contracts, invoices and tax information for these companies can be a full time job.

CARET Legal’s robust vendor management tools help firms efficiently manage all invoices and outgoing payments (including the ability to cut checks and even associate expenses with a matter). CARET Legal’s dedicated Vendor Reports provide a holistic view of all payments, outstanding balances, expenses to be passed along to a matter and tax information.

CARET Legal’s reports include:

AP Aging Summary: View outstanding payments to vendors grouped by aging period

AP Aging Summary Report

Vendor Payments: See all payments made to Vendors and Contracts

Vendor Payment Reports

Vendor Reimbursement: Generate a listing of unpaid Vendor Bill Expenses that have been marked as billable

Vendor Reimbursement Report

1099 Reporting: Generate 1099-MISC and/or 1099 NEC documents for required vendors (and coming soon- e-filing!)

1099 Reporting

Schedule a demo to see how CARET Legal can help your firm more efficiently manage vendor bills. Your AP team will thank you.

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