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CARET Legal Feature Spotlight: Split Billing

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Managing a single matter with more than one client? Check.

One client is paying 60%, one 30% and the other 10%? Check.

Only one is paying for the expenses? Check.

Each is paying a different rate? Check.

CARET Legal’s Split Billing feature, among the industry’s most flexible and intuitive, allows users to divide the invoiced amount for services and expenses on a single matter between multiple clients. Users can set unique rates for each client and split percentages independently for fees and costs.

Once Split Billing has been configured on the Matter-level, users can generate invoices as usual. Using the previously-entered percentages, this tool generates a unique invoice for each billing client listed with its own unique invoice number. Each invoice will include the Matter, as well as each individual billing clients’ contact information.
Split Billing Feature in CARET Legal
The latest update to the Split Billing Feature, which is exclusive to CARET Legal, allows Fee/Expense splits to be set using up to four decimal places when assigning split billing percentages.

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