Work in Progress – is it worth it, now you know…

There are so many benefits to keeping track of your time: efficiency, organization, and responsibility. Once you figure out where specifically you are spending your time, you can then determine where improvements in your time management need to be made. Budgeting your time and allotting more time for higher priority tasks, will lead to fewer distractions, better organization, and more responsibility (and accountability).

Although these benefits are certainly true for attorneys, there is another key benefit to keeping track of time: money. Our Work in Progress Report, which can be found under “Reports” in the Accounting feature of CARET Legal, provides your firm with a summary of un-billed fees and disbursements. This report shows a breakdown of hours and expenses and can be filtered by any combination of Client, Matter, Responsible Attorney, Practice Area as well as segmented by time ranges or specific dates. With CARET Legal’s built-in legal accounting system, it is easier than ever to automatically view all disbursements and billable and non-billable time for each Matter so you know exactly what each case is costing you.

Even if you are not billing for time spent, and your practice is largely fixed fee or contingency-based, with CARET Legal, it is easy to keep track of the time spent since you opened the case. Once the matter is resolved, you can indicate whether your non-billable time was, in fact, time well spent.

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