How to Avoid the Perils of Auto-Complete

Have you ever woken up from a late-night panic wondering if you sent an email to the right Susan?


It’s a busy Friday afternoon. You have so many emails to get to before you go away for the weekend (which you’ve been looking forward to all week). There are so many contacts in your address book, it’s hard to remember which contact is related to which matter. You’re supposed to email Susan Smith but you have three Susans (plus a Sue and a Suzanne) in your contacts, all related to different matters. It’s absolutely crucial to keep track of the right parties and the right matters to maintain client confidentiality…

Option 1: Using an ordinary email provider

You’re not fully paying attention while typing in the name “Susan” into the addressee field of an email. Your list of “Susans” appears as options and you click on the wrong person. You later realize you sent client confidential information to your neighbor (Susan Smoot). And in the blink of an eye, your message is sent and the damage is done.

Option 2: Using CARET Legal

In CARET Legal, your email contacts can be assigned to specified matters. When sending an email, you can select the designated matter associated with your message and voilà, each matter-specific contact will appear, along with their role. With CARET Legal, you can easily send the message to any or all the matter-related contacts without fear.

Never again will you have to wake up with a late night panic attack wondering if you sent the right email to the right person. If all of your matters contain the relevant contacts, you won’t suffer the perils of auto-complete. Enjoy your weekend.

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