Simplifying Case Management for Immigration Law Firms

Case management for immigration law is complicated. How’s that for an understatement? 

Why is it complicated? For one thing, it concerns very emotional situations for clients, which makes it complicated on a personal level. For law firms, on a professional level, immigration case law gets additionally complicated because the federal government is involved. 

The paperwork alone is a monumental task. Applications for citizenship, obtaining green cards, meeting visa requirements, changes in visa status, dealing with visa overstays, and contesting a removal or deportation order: those are just some of the things that get bureaucracies running at full power, generating a lot of documentation.

Without a good way to keep everything organized, an immigration firm can quickly find itself swamped. 

One option is to develop a detailed, in-depth set of guidelines that people may or may not follow, one that leaves plenty of room for human error; another is to step into the 21st century and use an automated immigration law case management system that essentially demands that all ducks be in their proper rows as a case makes its way toward an outcome.

Equity for clients

Possibly the most important benefit of using immigration law case management software is equity across a firm’s client base. Because the process is the same every time, each client gets the benefit of a consistent method of doing things, no matter the size or subject of the case. A solid case management system protects clients from the mishandling of casework and firms from accusations of malpractice. When everything is well-documented and trackable, everybody wins.

Accuracy for lawyers

The last thing any immigration lawyer wants is to be accused of manipulating or manufacturing information to give a false impression. What the client says in the later stages of a case needs to agree with what they said earlier. An attorney with a full and intricate caseload needs a system they can rely on to check and double-check the essentials of a case from beginning to end, to be sure that every bit of information going before a judge, jury, or government department is accurate and consistent. Good immigration law case management software makes checking the progress and history of a case fast, simple and efficient.

Context for the firm

It’s essential for lawyers and staffers whose work supports their cases to have an up-to-date view of where a case stands at all times. That’s why calendar functionality in immigration law office management software is another essential tool. Lawyers and staff can enter key dates into the calendar history of a case, so everyone who needs to follow that case has a clear line of sight to what has already been accomplished, what needs to be accomplished, and when. The platform a firm chooses should also offer a notification system that alerts those concerned to any calendar changes regarding a particular case. That kind of precise knowledge, coupled with well-organized files and documentation, also makes it easier for a lawyer to get up to speed on a case should one need to be reassigned due to staff turnover or the need to lighten a caseload.

Efficiency all around

With immigration law practice management software at the heart of a firm, quality of service and quality of life are both improved. For instance, automating less-than-exciting tasks due to the system’s ability to apply data allows lawyers and staff to focus on more meaningful, client-focused aspects of their jobs. And accurate tracking allows for better billing practices, which contributes to a firm’s financial health. All of that contributes to job satisfaction and lessens the likelihood of burning people out to the point of resignation. More importantly, it contributes to client satisfaction and the rewards of being known as a firm that gets things done.

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