Never Miss a Beat With CARET Legal’s Dedicated Apps

Using CARET Legal’s native iOs and Android apps, you can even track time while you’re out of the office so you don’t miss a beat.

As a complete cloud-based solution, CARET Legal allows you to access your firm’s data from any device with internet access whether you’re in the office, courtroom or at home. Using CARET Legal’s native iOS and Android apps, you can keep track of upcoming meetings and appointments, retrieve contact information and initiate calls, add or edit tasks, and access matter-related documents all on the go. You can even track time while you’re out of the office so you don’t miss a beat.

CARET Legal also offers an Apple Watch app so you can efficiently track time with the tap of your screen. CARET Legal’s Timers are used interchangeably across the browser-based platform and all apps which means you can start a timer for a Matter from your office computer and then stop it (creating a billable time entry) from your CARET Legal mobile app or Apple Watch app. How’s that for efficiency on the go?

If you’re looking to create a time entry in CARET Legal’s Apple Watch app, here’s how it works:

Simply hit “New Timer” and speak into the app to say the name of the matter. The app will search for the correct matter and start running. You have the ability to pause or stop the timer at any time. If you wish to save a time entry to the Matter, click the checkmark, choose the Work Type and press save. You will receive the message: “time entry created successfully.”

CARET Legal Apple Watch App with New Timer
CARET Legal Apple Watch App with Work Types

Sign up for a free trial and see how CARET Legal’s mobile and Apple Watch apps can help your firm efficiently track time from any location at any time.

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