Let Your Firm’s Mobile App Show Your Clients that You Care

Every lawyer has been there. You need your client to get you time-sensitive, confidential documents and they can’t get to your office. Or you’ve been told “the check is in the mail” and you need to disburse funds that aren’t there. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a convenient, secure way for your clients to send you critical information and pay their invoices using their smartphone? Enter Caseway Mobile, a custom, branded portal application available exclusively to CARET Legal users that lets your clients share privileged information and pay their invoices via their mobile device. With this intuitive and user-friendly application, your clients are sure to keep your law firm in mind when they need you most.

Here are just a few ways Caseway Mobile sets your firm apart from your competition:

1. Become More Accessible

As a compassionate, business-savvy lawyer, you may find yourself looking for new ways to enhance your client service and improve overall client satisfaction As a trusted advisor, you want to provide your clients with assurance that you will always be available and accessible to address their legal needs, even outside of your normal work hours or when you’re out of the office. Our custom, iOS and Android mobile app, Caseway Mobile, is your firm’s personal link to your clients. Branded with your logo and available from the Apple and Android App stores, it allows your clients to send and receive their case-related information to your firm from any location, at any time directly from their smartphone.

With seventy-seven percent of Americans owning a smartphone, it has become the preferred method of communication. Why not make it easy for your clients to scan and upload multi-page documents, share photos and pay their invoices directly through their mobile device? Your firm’s app is tangible proof that you are concerned about your clients’ legal concerns and that they can rely on you.

2. Show Your Concern for Client Security

With stories about cyberattacks and identity theft appearing in the news on a regular basis, it’s no surprise that your clients have concerns about how your firm securely stores their confidential information. The thought that their personal information, such as medical records and social security numbers, could potentially be intercepted by third-party hackers is understandably alarming. When you provide your clients with a bank-level encryption portal that has touch id authentication, it will keep their mind at ease and show that your firm has made their confidentiality a priority. Your clients can share confidential documents and photos, as well as make credit card payments to pay their outstanding invoices directly from their smartphone from any location without worrying about security risks.

3. Reinforce Your Branding

Are you looking for additional ways to stay top-of-mind with your clients and referral sources? Caseway Mobile is customized for your firm, with your logo and colors. As an additional boost to your marketing efforts, Caseway Mobile emphasizes that accessibility and client confidentiality is at the core of your brand. Your clients and peers will be impressed that your law firm is on the cutting edge with its own app and eager to show it off, potentially providing new referrals in the process.

If you want to learn more about how Caseway Mobile can help bring your CARET Legal experience to the next level, contact us today.

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