Why CARET Legal is Even Better Suited for the Less Tech-Savvy Lawyer

The idea that legal technology could be better suited for the less tech-savvy lawyer sounds counterintuitive. The truth is that CARET Legal, next generation legal practice management software, provides lawyers who are less familiar with technology with a leg up. This is due in part to the fact that law practice management solutions streamline the use of many different legal tech tools such as accounting programs, document management systems, email, and interoffice communication systems. With legal practice management software, all of these different tech tools fall into one, more manageable program.

Even less tech-savvy lawyers know that there is no escaping the fact that if you are practicing law in today’s climate, you will need to be able to access certain tech features. You need to know how to effectively use email, how to create and organize document files, how to save and file digitally received documents, and use legal accounting software to keep your business running. This is an unavoidable level of tech competence. Employing integrated legal practice management will make the learning curve for these things much easier. CARET Legal was designed to be a 360-degree, fully integrated platform which means that you will only need to familiarize yourself with one, user-friendly interface to unlock our software’s many features including time keeping, accounting, matter-centric e-mail, and task management.

With our integrated platform, all program tools have a standard look with consistent features. For example, a purple strip on the left hand of a field will always mean that it is required, a + sign will always mean add information and a clock symbol will always allow you to to add time. These symbols are the same no matter which section of our application you are accessing. With CARET Legal, you won’t have to constantly switch among different user-interfaces, some of which could be very difficult to master. You won’t have to learn what different icons mean in different programs. We offer consistency and a friendly user interface that will save you time and help you capitalize on the programs many helpful features.

In addition to eliminating the need to learn the ins and outs of multiple computer programs, legal practice management software can even eliminate your need for an IT person. At CARET Legal, we set up everything for you before you get started. Because our application is cloud-based, we can troubleshoot issues you’re having without any need to schedule an office visit. Any problem can be virtually fixed right away.

The ease of using CARET Legal will make even the most hesitant tech user feel comfortable, confident, and capable. Our support team also provides unlimited customer support. Contact us with any questions you may have. CARET Legal is here to help you and your firm succeed every step of the way.

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