It’s Officially TECHSHOW Time!

Next week, legal technology providers from around the world will come together in Chicago for ABA TECHSHOW. It’s always an exciting time of year with big feature announcements being made in the days leading up to the event. At CARET Legal, we don’t just make product updates to get in the headlines before the conference. In fact, last year we made 983 updates to improve our platform. In our offices, we care less about the “splash” and more about the impact of our software on our clients’ efficiency and profitability.

In the spirit of feature announcements, however, we’re pleased to share two new releases that we are really excited about:

I. Customized Matter Views

Most firms have dozens, if not hundreds, of active cases. While the majority of legal practice management applications offer a singular matter view, none have perfected a customized experience which allows the user to dictate exactly what they want to see on their dashboard; that is, until now. Our newest update will allow users to filter matters by practice area, responsible attorney, open date or custom fields. These filters can be saved, so users can efficiently manage their caseloads at the click of a button.

II. ZDrive

CARET Legal’s powerful document management system keeps documents organized and makes it easy to search, sort and review. With our release of ZDrive, you will be able to edit these documents and save them with greater ease. Once opened in Microsoft Word through Suite, the document will automatically be saved to Suite (within the appropriate matter) as you work. This eliminates the need for you to save the document locally and upload a revised version each time you make updates. How’s that for efficiency?

Interested in seeing these releases and hearing about the other 981 updates we made in the past year? Visit us in booth #917.

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