Show Your Clients Some Love: Invoice Level Discounts

As an attorney, you are trained to keep track of every minute and bill accordingly. But what if you decide that you don’t want to bill your client for the extra time it has taken your new associate to research a topic related to their case? Or perhaps you’re feeling super generous and want to write-off the 20-minute conversation you had with your client updating them about their case. While you should be aware of every second spent sending emails, following up on payments, and learning a new skill, every second spent on a case may not be worth a check from your client.

Now you can share your good will with your clients and let them know at the same time how much time you are spending on their matters. Just use our “No Charge” feature to save your time entries and then apply a discount of 100% to the invoice. Your time entry will show in the Time section of CARET Legal as well as the Matter, but will no longer show on the Invoice Unbilled Activity page (which can be found under “Invoices and Payments” in the Accounting feature). On the bottom of your report, there will appear a sum of all the “no charges” that were made within the case history. You will keep track of the time spent and your client will feel extra special when viewing the list of courtesies your firm granted. It’s a win-win.

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