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person working on a secure legal practice management mobile application
Matter Management

Meeting Legal Clients’ Digital Security Expectations

When news breaks about businesses being hacked, it usually focuses on big social media or technology companies like Facebook or Microsoft. However, experts say cyber criminals also consider government agencies, financial institutions and law firms to be high-value targets. In fact, the American Bar Association reports that one-third of law

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legal practice management software data migration
Matter Management

Preparing for Legal Practice Data Migration

Legal management software is essential to the functionality of your law firm. Managing and prioritizing legal tasks for your team can be a daunting task without it – but, updating your software can be daunting as well. After relying on the same legal management software for years, it can seem

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the cost of a legal practice management system
Law Firm Operations

Law Practice Management: There Are Cost Savings in the Cloud

While most law firms understand that cloud-based practice management is an option for them, many still hesitate when it comes to adopting new technologies, according to the 2021 ABA Legal Technology Survey Report. Twenty-five percent of the lawyers surveyed said their firm doesn’t use cloud services. Those holding out are

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