Lite Migration Statement of Work ("SOW")

This Statement of Work (“SOW”) describes the professional services work to be performed by Abacus Data Systems, Inc. (“CARET”) related to CARET’s software or applications (“Professional Services”) for “Client” or collectively the “Parties”. Once executed by the parties, this SOW shall serve as the exclusive list of professional services tasks to be performed by CARET (absent an additional fully executed SOW covering other matters, which shall govern those tasks. This SOW will be considered executed once the Client signs the Order Form on which the order for this migration appears. This SOW shall be governed by the Terms and Conditions found at, and are incorporated into this SOW by reference.  


 CARET will migrate the following data from Client’s prior/existing practice management software to CARET Legal:  

  • Basic Contact information – First Name, Last Name, Address, Phone, Email Address;  
  • Basic matters data – Matter Name, Matter Number, Practice Area, Open Date, Close Date, Status, Description, Billing Type, Primary Client, Responsible Attorney, Originating Attorney, Billing Attorney, Docket Number, Client Goal, Billing Increment, Client Send Method;   
  • Calendar sync – Two-way calendar sync with Office365 or GSuite; and  
  • Practice Areas – Type of Law Practiced.  

This SOW assumes that the data to be migrated to CARET Legal is being migrated from only one source system. If the Client has data in multiple source systems from which data will be migrated into CARET Legal, there will be an additional 20% upcharge for the second source system and an additional 10% upcharge for the third source system. If Client has more than three source systems a custom quote will be required.  

Client understands that the success of the work contemplated by this SOW is dependent upon a collaborative effort and includes certain actions which are not under CARET’s control. In addition to any other responsibilities or duties described in this SOW or the Terms and Conditions, below is a list of Client responsibilities that if not performed or prove to be incorrect or untrue, may impact the schedule, fees and expenses, deliverables, or level of effort required and result in delays to the deliverable and increased cost to Client.  

Access to the relevant systems needs to be provided. Client will provide adequate internal resources that possess all required skills. While CARET may provide guidance on how to perform the data extraction, Client is responsible for all data extracted and is required to be on the data extraction call. Client will make available internal resources that are experts on their existing platform. Client will provide required information and/or data conflict resolutions within one week as directed by the Project Manager needed for the assessment and/or the project’s migration phases. Failure to do so may impact the migration schedule and may incur additional fees. Examples include matter ID/Client ID resolution, if applicable. Client will ensure the information provided is accurate for the data migration. Failure to do so may impact the migration schedule and may incur additional fees. Client will review and ensure this document includes all data types required for migration as defined by the migration package purchased. Any data types found during the assessment or migration phases outside of the migration package purchased may incur additional fees and may impact the migration schedule.  

Acceptance testing is primarily the responsibility of the Client. However, CARET will provide support during the test period which occurs for 2 weeks after migration is completed.  

*TABS3 (aka Practice Master) Migrations – Migrations from the Tabs3 practice management suite cost an additional fee regardless of tier or migration package selected.  

The following matters are expressly excluded from services contemplated by this SOW:  

  • Additional Deep Dive Training – When the default training packages do not cover the client needs, additional trainings can be provided in a specific area of CARET Legal;  
  • Ongoing New Hire Orientation – Additional training hours can be purchased for ongoing training needs;   
  • Creation Intake Forms Development – Firms use these to gather information for their client matters;   
  • Ethical Walls – Custom Matter permissions so that some users can only access certain matters. Please note, CARET Legal Support will not be able to view the Matter if Matter permissions are set;  
  • Custom Permissions – Adjusting standard permissions in CARET Legal to align to client’s specific needs; and  
  • Document Migration – Each Document Migration will be charged at a flat rate of $2500 for clients under 30 users total regardless of how many documents are migrated. Document Migrations for clients larger than 30 users will require a custom quote. 


In addition to the above-listed data migration, Client will also receive the following Training:  

Training (up to 6 hours total):   

  • Overview Training – Navigation and toolbars, Email, Calendar, Tasks, CRM overview, Matters/Matter Details, Documents, Time and Expense entry Billing and Accounting Training – Billable activity (time/flat fee/expenses), Writing Checks, Invoices and Payments, Vendor Bills, Banks and Registers and Reports.   
  • Module-specific training (Document Automation, PI Platform, CRM) – Document Automation leverage document templates (merge fields), CRM training is for leads management – converting leads to matters, PI Module is specific for Personal Injury Firms.   
  • First month billing walkthrough with a Trainer – Walk client through first billing cycle via screenshare from start to finish. These training hours expire one year from the date of this SOW.