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CARET Legal partners with a diverse group of professionals, including IT consultants, accountants, practice advisors, and marketing consultants who work with law firms around the country. These partners share in our commitment to providing practices with cutting-edge technology that helps to maximize efficiency, collaboration and profitability.

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CARET Legal Solutions Expert badge

Solutions Expert Certified

Partners who have completed CARET Legal’s Solutions Specialist certification course. These partners are well-versed in CARET Legal’s robust functionality and can offer firms best practices on using the platform.

CARET Legal Implementation Specialist badge

Implementation Specialist Certified

Partners who have completed CARET Legal’s Implementation Specialist certification course. These partners take a hands-on approach during the onboarding process and can assist with data migration and review as well as account configuration.
CARET Legal Accounting Specialist badge

Accounting Specialist Certified

Partners who have completed CARET Legal’s Accounting Specialist certification course. These partners have a deep understanding of CARET Legal’s billing and accounting tools and can help ensure compliance, assisting with operating and trust account functions, reporting and other configurations.

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3545 Consulting logo

3545 Consulting - Global


3545's varied and talented team members cover a wide range of specialties, including, but not limited to: Business Analysis and Strategy, Technology Analysis and Strategy, Workflow Analysis, Talent Management and Development, Project Administration and Management, Software Implementation, Data Migration and Conversion, Software Training, Practice Management and Case Management and more.

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Affinity Consulting logo

Affinity Consulting


For over 20 years, Affinity’s consultants have worked tirelessly with legal organizations to help them find better ways of working. With unmatched legal experience, Affinity Consulting Group is uniquely positioned to provide their clients with the kind of insight and expert guidance they need to build thriving law practices and legal departments.

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All Covered logo

All Covered


All Covered is the nation’s leading IT services company serving small- to medium-sized businesses. For over 12 years, All Covered has been helping businesses across all verticals with their IT support needs. All Covered is fully certified in all major technologies. Across the US, more businesses trust All Covered for their IT support than any other company.

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Amicus Consulting

Amicus Consulting


Amicus Consulting specializes in legal technology consulting, implementation and training in New York with support and advice everywhere through remote access. They empower smaller firms with the software and workflow tools to compete successfully with large firms.

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Atech Business Services, LLC logo

Atech Business Services, LLC


Atech Business Services provides Managed IT, Cloud, & Business Technology Solutions to clients throughout the US. As a trusted technology resource and advisor, they provide 1.) a single point of contact for all of their technology needs, 2.) proven systems and processes to improve the efficiency of their staff, systems and operations and 3.) the ability for their internal resources to re-focus their efforts on their core business operations.

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Awesome Databases logo

Awesome Databases


Awesome Databases (aka MME Consulting Services, LLC) is the brainchild of Richard Marx. They have been helping their clients create awesome databases since the new millennium. Their focus is to recognize that their client is the expert in their business and they are experts at helping them manage that business.

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Beyond Square One logo

Beyond Square One


Beyond Square One provides today’s leading software consulting, implementation, training and support services to the legal industry, ranging from corporate legal departments and large law firms, to solo practitioners, across all specialties.

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Blencowe IT logo

Blencowe IT


Blencowe IT creates IT strategies to maximize your computer and business phone performance, enhance your network’s stability and increase your workplace productivity.

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Borek Consulting Group logo

Borek Consulting Group


Borek Consulting Group assists law firms and other consulting businesses maximize their revenue with effective practice management tools, including time tracking and billing solutions.

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Business Solutions Incorporated logo

Business Solutions, Inc.


Business Solutions, Inc. provides solutions for your business organization in the areas of accounting, time tracking and practice management software.

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C&S LegalTech logo

C&S LegalTech


C&S LegalTech Consulting Group, LLC offers comprehensive Cloud services and the legal technology and support to move your law office to the Cloud. C&S LegalTech is a full service technology and consulting company specializing in law firm practice management and accounting systems.

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Circle Management Group logo

Circle Management Group


Circle Management Group is an independent consulting firm that provides focused solutions to law offices and other professional services firm based on complete workflow analysis. They identify and implement technologies that empower professional services firms to succeed. Their expertise; your peace of mind.

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Civille logo



Civille builds industry-leading law firm websites, SEO, Google Business Profile management and offers a full digital suite of tech solutions.

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CSTI logo

Computer & Software Training, Inc.


Computer and Software Training, Inc. (CSTI) provides their clients with high quality, comprehensive and personalized training and support in the areas of Time and Billing, Case Management and Cloud-Based Solutions.

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CopyScan Technologies logo



CopyScan handles our clients digital documents and provide Document Scanning, Document Duplication, Digital Printing, Electronic Discovery Services, X-Ray / MRI Duplication, Audio/Video Duplication and Editing, Custom Trial Graphics & Trial Presentation Services.

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C.R. Cline & Company, LLC logo

C.R. Cline & Company, LLC


C.R. Cline & Company, LLC was founded in 2003 by Christina R. Cline, who has been in the legal profession since 1992. Christina and her team have been recognized as leaders in the legal software industry. Ms. Cline uses her extensive knowledge in law firm billing, accounting, and administration to assist firms throughout the U.S. with various accounting and practice management issues and is known for her procedural expertise, attention to detail, and responsive client service.

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Crosspointe Consulting Group logo

Crosspointe Consulting Group


Crosspointe Consulting Group is an affiliation of independent consulting organizations focused on law office management software. Crosspointe supports software products in four main categories: Time Billing, Case / Practice Management, Document Management, Accounting.

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CTLogic logo

CTLogic, LLC


CTLogic, LLC has expertise in legal industry billing, finance, marketing, human resources and operations. They specialize in law firm startups and can provide the complete suite of back-office capabilities you need to be successful in your firm.

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Cybersec Technology Management logo

Cybersec Technology Management


Cybersec Technology Management is a steadfast IT solutions provider offering fixed-cost services, specifically designed to empower small and midsize businesses with professional IT solutions that are small business budget friendly. They engage a team of highly experienced IT professionals whose inherent insight enables them to adeptly manage risks, enhance quality and accuracy, and execute projects with heightened efficiency.

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Cypress Grove Technologies logo

Cypress Grove Technologies


Cypress Grove Technologies offers a refreshing Information Technology consulting experience. Serving small & mid-size businesses throughout the New York City and Long Island areas, Cypress Grove Technologies is the "go to"​ source for top-notch assistance in today's technological climate.

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Deborah J. Schaefer, CPA logo

Deborah J Schaefer, CPA


For over 35 years, Deborah J Schaefer, CPA, has partnered with law firms to select, implement, and support computer-based account systems designed to fit each firm’s unique needs. Her individualized approach streamlines firm management and accounting process, so firms can focus on providing the best services to their clients.

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DLCCS logo

DLC Consulting Services, LLC


DLC Consulting Services, LLC is a management consulting firm for law firms. They are not a technology company; they are a company that works with law firms in all aspects of operations and management. They take a holistic approach to all their recommendations. DLCCS always keeps the client first when referring, implementing, and customizing software. They have managed law firms for over 35 years. They know your workflow is not like everyone else’s. They customize their services and your software to your needs.

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Document & Data Solutions logo

Document & Data Solutions, LLC


Document & Data Solutions specializes in the automation of common tasks law firms deal with every day. Experts in the fields of Document Automation and Practice Management software, their experience comes from working in law firms and corporate legal departments as practicing attorneys, paralegals and IT specialists.

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Element Technologies logo

Element Technologies


Element is a premier technology and consulting firm proudly serving their clients for over 35 years. Their team has the depth and breadth to tackle a wide range of technology issues and the ability to provide high-level thought leadership to their clients.

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Encore Technologies logo

Encore Technologies


Encore's solutions are built from envisioning a future that reduces complexity and costs by automating and optimizing IT infrastructure. With automation comes greater agility, efficiency, security, and value. They use their past success and expertise in leading-edge technologies as a foundation to build tomorrow’s solutions today.

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EpiOn logo



EpiOn is a globally ranked IT services company serving small- to medium-sized practices. They deliver full-service IT management, cybersecurity, compliance, cloud hosting, and phone system solutions for legal practices like yours. Based out of Tennessee, they work with clients across the United States to reduce risk and improve productivity.

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Evernet logo

EVERNET Consulting, LLC


With over 15 years of success in managed IT services, EVERNET has perfected their strategy for tackling their client's toughest IT and Marketing challenges. EVERNET is built around scale and security. Their team consists of highly-skilled and proactive IT and Marketing experts that work directly with you. They will work to install, secure, and maintain your IT solutions.

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Fusion CPA logo

Fusion CPA


Fusion CPA's clients all over the U.S. have counted on them for years to assist them with expert tax compliance, real-time accounting, outsourced controller services, software integration optimization and improved business processes.

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Gold Piece Consulting logo

Gold Piece Consulting


Started in 2020, Gold Piece Consulting is a consulting firm that primarily supports Solo and Small law firms with their back office technology.

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Integrated Visions logo

Integrated Visions


Integrated Visions helps with selecting and implementing law firm automation software so that you can just focus on practicing law.

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Juris Ledger logo

Juris Ledger


Juris Ledger LLC provides transformative CFO services for law firms nationwide. They are a geographically dispersed firm catering to small and midsize firms that generate $500K to $25 million annually in revenue. Their services cover advisory, particularly strategic planning, accounting, technology advisory, and implementation assistance.

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LAN Technologies logo

LAN Technologies


LAN Technologies of L.I. was established in 1991 to develop and maintain local area networks for today’s busy law office. For over 30 years, LAN Technologies has spent many hours consulting with attorneys and paralegals on their office automation needs. As a result, LAN Technologies developed an in-depth understanding of the way these systems function in today’s busy law practice, and how technology can help streamline their operations.

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Law Office Systems, Inc. logo

Law Office Systems, Inc.


Law Office Systems, Inc. is a law office technology consulting firm that helps law firms match technology to the firm allowing them to work better and smarter. Located in New Jersey, Law Office Systems, Inc. helps to resolve technology issues, improve processes to streamline work allowing firms to be more responsive to their clients and get a better return on their technology investment.

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LawTech Consultants logo

LawTech Consultants


LawTech Consultants has been providing services in the information technology and practice management fields for law firms since 1982.

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Legal Software Solutions logo

Legal Software Solutions


Legal Software Solutions offers more than just sales & implementation. Their main focus is to ensure that they understand your firm's front & back office procedures and how YOU do business. As a Certified Consultant for Software Technology, Inc., they can provide your firm with customization, training services, and on-going support.

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LegalRun Solutions logo

LegalRun Solutions


Any IT issue can be either fixed or worked around, and that business of any type eventually needs diligent IT solutions implementation. LegalRul Solutions specializes in practice management tools that ensure future-proofing law firms.

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Lescault Walderman Accounting logo

Lescault and Walderman


Lescault and Walderman is a business consulting firm that provides Accounting, Bookkeeping and CFO Services to small to medium businesses across the United States.

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LEVTEC.AI provides vendor agnostic software advisory and procurement services for law firms, with a particular interest in AI-powered legal technology. They offer vendor agnostic advisory services, initial software evaluation, review and vendor coordination services free of charge, and end-to-end procurement and negotiation services (fee applicable).

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NYCC logo

New York Computer Consulting, Inc.


New York Computer Consulting, Inc. offers many services, including complete analysis of system needs, impartial recommendations for hardware and software, networking installations, consultation, training, sales support, and customized programming.

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PAG Fiscal Services logo

PAG Fiscal Services


PAG Fiscal Services provides timely, high quality and confidential bookkeeping and consulting services focused on taking away stressful and time consuming financial tasks so you can focus on your growing business.

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Paragon Tech logo

Paragon Tech


Paragon Tech redefines how IT is done. They provide blazing fast tech support services for their clients that allows them to focus on running the business rather than divide their focus dealing with IT issues.

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PNC IT logo



PNC IT provides professional IT services and technology consulting. They bring security, productivity, and more to your business through their strategically planned set of tools and years of expertise.

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Practice42 logo



Practice42 builds and maintains successful law practices. Their services for law firms range from strategic marketing and paralegal drafting support to performance coaching and law practice management software customization.

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Premier Software logo

Premier Software


Premier Software is the leading provider of law practice management systems to law firms, including the fastest and most cost effective subscription based private cloud systems. Over 30 years of continuous law firm support.

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PWR Resources logo

PWR Resources


PWR Resources helps businesses become more profitable. While you are focused on running your business, they provide resources that allow you to manage time, money, and information to sustain business operations in all environments and increase profitability.

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Resource Advisors logo

Resource Advisors


Resource Advisors is a nationally known technology advisory firm to the legal industry. They equip solo practices, law firms, and legal departments of all sizes and practice specialties with the knowledge they need about product selection, project planning, data conversion, customization, and best practices to take advantage of all system capabilities from the technology they have chosen.

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Software 4 Law logo

Software 4 Law, Inc.


Software 4 Law specializes in legal application consulting. With over 25 years of experience, they bring an understanding of how a law firm works, along with expertise in the leading applications, to help you work more efficiently.

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Software Analysis logo

Software Analysis Corporation


At Software Analysis, their mission is to help your business maximize the use of your new and existing software to increase productivity and reduce administrative costs. They offer certified installation and consulting services for the most popular server-based and cloud-based billing, accounting and practice management software packages for law firms and small businesses.

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Source Consulting Group logo

Source Consulting Group


Source Consulting Group LLC is the premier full-service consulting firm focusing exclusively on the strategic and operational business process and technology needs of legal and professional services firms worldwide. Their dedicated solution area is designed to help firms move forward in the successful, strategic planning and implementation of change management, process reengineering and more.

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Stasmayer Incorporated logo

Stasmayer, Incorporated


Stasmayer, Incorporated is an IT company based out of Charleston, South Carolina. They help law firms with all things technology for their firm. They are a one-stop solution for small to medium-sized law firms. Services include – Law Practice Management, 3rd Party Integrations, IT Support, IT Security, IT Strategy and more.

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Switch Analytics logo

Switch Analytics


Switch Analytics provides business intelligence and software solutions to some of the largest law firms and companies internationally. They have strategic partnerships with many of the leading solutions so that they can implement them and put them to use in the most effective way.

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The Profit Point Group, Inc. logo

The ProfitPoint Group, Inc.


ProfitPoint is your partner to turn your law firm into a finely-tuned machine. They are a certified consultancy for maximum efficiency. Their philosophy is that your firm’s technology and training should support your profitable practice of law — not hinder it.

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The Systems Shop logo

The Systems Shop, Inc.


The Systems Shop is a boutique IT consulting firm that has specialized in the needs of small and medium-sized law firms for more than 30 years. Their clients range from solo attorneys with no secretarial or support staff up to 70+ person firms with multiple offices in New York and New Jersey.

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Time & Cents Consultants LLC logo

Time & Cents Consultants, LLC


Time & Cents Consultants, LLC provides law firms and professional services firms with consulting, training and implementation on billing, accounting, practice management and document management solutions.

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