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CARET Legal Feature Releases 2021

February 2021

  • In-document search
    • CARET Legal will now index all documents uploaded to the platform, so in-document searches can easily be conducted by users
  • Document previews
    • Easily preview a document stored within CARET Legal without having to download it to the appropriate program
    • Also available in email attachments for both inbound and outbound messages
  • In-browser editing of .DOCX files
    • Edit documents (in .DOCX format) without ever leaving CARET Legal
    • CARET Legal will continue to create a new version with each round of edits to ensure no information is ever lost
  • Portfolio generator
    • Easily merge files of virtually any type into a single PDF Portfolio document which can easily be shared with clients and colleagues
  • Worldox integration
    • With this new document management integration, users can easily upload and access all documents stored with Worldox directly through CARET Legal
  • Contact custom field search
    • Pull a contact list based on a custom field value
  • Quick navigation tools added to My Settings
    • Easily jump to specific sections with User Settings, helping to save time when updating various settings within your CARET Legal account
  • Remembering accounts
    • When creating transactions via check, journal entry, Download Bank Activity, etc., the last account used for the selected vendor will be auto-populated (subject to user privileges)

March 2021

  • Preview attachments
    • Preview outbound and inbound attachments within CARET Legal’s email client
  • Export Contact Tags
    • When exporting contacts into a CSV file, Contact Tags will also be displayed
  • NetDocuments Workspaces
    • When converting leads into a Matter, you now have the ability to create a NetDocuments Workspace within CARET Legal
  • Overall performance updates
    • Users should notice a 50% improvement in load times when navigating through CARET Legal

April 2021

  • Vendor credits
    • Keep track of money that is owed by vendors until it is paid, refunded or applied to a bill
    • These credits will reduce the amount of money owed to a vendor for a future bill
  • Z-Editor
    • Edit Microsoft Word (docx) files without having to leave CARET Legal
    • Once you open CARET Legal’s Z-Editor, a time entry will start running so you can capture the time it takes to edit your documents
    • Once you save the document, it will upload as a new version
  • Updated intake form interface
    • Review intake forms in a streamlined interface that allows you to quickly toggle between different forms
  • Preview audio and video files
    • Users can now preview audio and video files both in documents and in email (inbound and outbound)

May 2021

  • Scheduled reports
    • Users can configure and schedule reports to be received via email in desired intervals (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly)
    • With this feature, available to EnterprisePlus users, you can also send the report to multiple users in PDF and/or CSV format
  • Alphanumeric Client ID
    • New Matter numbering options have been added, allowing you to assign an alphanumeric Client ID to new clients
  • Updated email interface
    • A sleeker, more user-friendly design when composing an email

June 2021

  • Interest for late payments
    • Firms can now set up interest to be charged on the matter-level
  • Generate deposits
    • With this new billing option, CARET Legal users can choose to only apply discounts to fees, not time entries
  • Configurable invoice discounts
    • With this new billing option, CARET Legal users can choose to only apply discounts to fees, not time entries

July 2021

  • Zoom Meeting integration
    • Users now have the ability to add a Zoom meeting link into a calendar event
  • Document previews for email communications
    • Users now have the ability to preview documents that are saved in a matter’s Communications tab
  • Notification preferences
    • Users can choose the notifications/methods you wish to receive within User Settings
  • Trust Retainer replenishment on invoice
    • Incorporate a minimum Trust Retainer balance into your Total Amount Outstanding
  • Trust Ledger updates for split matters
    • When viewing the Trust Ledger on split matters, you can now view a breakdown of each child matter’s trust activity

September 2021

  • Total Billings report
    • A perfect complement to the Billed & Collected report, users will now also be able to view all of their billed fees and expenses grouped by matter in one comprehensive report
  • Calendar rules event search
    • Users can filter for calendar rules events within CARET Legal’s calendar search functionality
  • Send one-off invoices as attachments with links
    • While this capability exists in CARET Legal’s Bulk Billing Center, users can now send one-off invoices with a Payment Link included in the body of the message
  • Ability to reset Caseway™ invitation period
    • This new option under Contacts allows users to extend their Caseway invitation period

November 2021

  • Configurable dashboard
    • Users can now customize their dashboard page, selecting any of the available widgets
  • Split Payout report
    • With this report, users can see Payout Amounts grouped by Matters and Users

December 2021

  • AI-enabled OCR
    • Ability to read street signs and car license plates
    • Recognizes paragraph text
    • Handwriting recognition
    • Works with virtually all file types including PDF, JPG, PNG, TIFF
  • Additional customizable dashboard widgets
    • CRM Overview, Tasks Overview and My Goals

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