Document Migration Statement of Work ("SOW")

This Statement of Work (“SOW”) describes the professional services work to be performed by Abacus Data Systems, Inc. (“CARET”) related to CARET’s software or applications (“Professional Services”) for “Client” or collectively the “Parties”. Once executed by the parties, this SOW shall serve as the exclusive list of professional services tasks to be performed by CARET (absent an additional fully executed SOW covering other matters, which shall govern those tasks This SOW shall be governed by the Terms and Conditions found at, and are incorporated into this SOW by reference.


CARET will migrate Client’s documents to CARET Legal under the following conditions:

Client’s documents are provided to CARET via an approved secure delivery mechanism. (Note: CARET will not extract documents from Client’s systems or other software); The applicable document was linked to a Matter in Client’s prior software and that Matter has already been migrated to CARET Legal. (Note: CARET will not create Matters specifically for the document migration process; Document Folder Names must contain part of the CARET Legal Matter Number or CARET Legal Matter Name in order to be migrated; and Empty document folders are not migrated into CARET Legal. Only populated folders are imported.

*Where Client has elected Optical Character Recognition (OCR) document indexing, a minimum charge of $400 per 100,000 documents migrated will be applied as an additional cost. Note that this charge is based on the first group of 100,000 documents, each additional document is charged at a rate of $0.004.

Following completion of the document migration process, Client will have 7 business days to review imported documents and communicate any requested changes. After the 7 business days have passed, any updates to migrated data will have an associated fee and timeline.

Removing and re-importing documents will be subject to an additional fee. If CARET chooses to remove and re-import data due to an error on the part of CARET, no additional fee will be incurred.

Client understands that the success of the work contemplated by this SOW is dependent on collaborative effort and includes certain actions which are not under CARET’s control. In addition to any other responsibilities or duties described in this SOW or the Terms and Conditions, below is a list of Client responsibilities that if not performed or prove to be incorrect or untrue, may impact the schedule, fees and expenses, deliverables, or level of effort required and result in delays to the deliverable and increased cost to Client.

Access to the relevant systems needs to be provided. Client will provide adequate internal resources that possess all required skills. While CARET may provide guidance on how to perform the document extraction, Client is responsible for all data extracted and is required to be on the document extraction call. Client will make available internal resources that are experts on their existing platform. Client will provide required information and/or data conflict resolutions within one week as directed by the Project Manager needed for the assessment and/or the project’s migration phases. Failure to do so may impact the migration schedule and may incur additional fees. Examples include matter ID/Client ID resolution, if applicable Client will ensure the information provided is accurate for the document migration. Failure to do so may impact the migration schedule and may incur additional fees. Client will review and ensure this document includes all data types required for migration as defined by the migration package purchased. Any data types found during the assessment or migration phases outside of the migration package purchased may incur additional fees and may impact the migration schedule.

This SOW assumes that the documents to be migrated to CARET Legal are being migrated from only one source system. If the Client has documents in multiple source systems from which data will be migrated into CARET Legal, there will be an additional 20% upcharge for the second source system and an additional 10% upcharge for the third source system. If Client has more than three source systems a custom quote will be required.