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Maximizing Efficiency at Every Stage of A Personal Injury Case

Personal injury matters are complex, often complete with multiple parties, hundreds of files (more specifically, large evidence files which can make storage and transmission a feat in and of itself) and a slew of deadlines. CARET Legal was built to centralize all of these components and streamline workflows, helping busy personal injury practices efficiently manage the life cycle of every matter.

During this webinar, our Director of Training shares a look at the CARET Legal features leveraged most often by personal injury attorneys with a special focus on CARET Legal’s Personal Injury Module which provides legal professionals with advanced settlement management tools. Together, we’ll explore:

  • Expense and value management
  • Smart settlement management, including CARET Legal’s automated settlement memo tool
  • Case-centric calendaring
  • Advanced document management
  • Intake management
  • Branded client portal for secure exchange of files with clients

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