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Rules-Based Calendaring for the Modern Firm

At CARET Legal, we’re on a mission to maximize your firm’s efficiency and profitability, and we know this can only be achieved through organization and automation.

We’ve teamed up with LawToolBox, a legal calendaring and docketing system that automates procedural, administrative and regulatory deadlines. With this great tool, your firm will never have to worry about missing an important deadline again.*

New Calendar Rule window in CARET Legal

*LawToolBox subscription required

Is your law firm staff manually calculating deadlines from a checklist?

Manually keeping track of important deadlines is not only time-consuming, but it can also lead to errors (and malpractice claims) if a deadline is entered into the calendar incorrectly or an important deadline is overlooked. When using LawToolBox through CARET Legal, deadlines with automatically be placed on your CARET Legal calendar when you enter a “trigger date” such as the date of a trial. Reminder sets are automatically applied to deadlines in CARET Legal so the assignor will receive notification via SMS, email or popup messaging when the date approaches.

How does your firm discover and implement court rule changes?

Overseeing and identifying court rule changes can be a challenge for any firm. LawToolBox provides another set of eyes for monitoring rule changes. You can sleep better at night knowing you’ve done your due diligence in pulling out all the stops. It’s so effective that electronic calendaring with centralized access and reporting may qualify for discounts on malpractice insurance.

Excited to give LawToolBox a try? Contact CARET Legal for more information on getting started.

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