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CARET Legal’s Review on FinancesOnline

  • Feb 17 2017
  • News

We’re excited to showcase the review of CARET Legal on FinancesOnline, an online software review platform of B2B and SaaS products. Along with our review, CARET Legal secured a spot in the top 20 best law practice management software products and was granted two awards. We received the Rising Star 2017 Award, which is “given to new SaaS products that only recently appeared in the market, but are already getting good traction with customers” and the Great User Experience 2017 Award as a result of how “well-designed our interface and features are” and “how easy it is to start using [CARET Legal].”

Experts described CARET Legal as a system that effectively combines a fully-integrated email client functionality and comprehensive legal accounting capability, allowing legal offices to perform various functions smoothly and ditch unwieldy workarounds. They also referred to it as an exceptional management system due the fact it stores all critical information single, unified location that you, your staff, and your clients can access, making it easy for you and other parties to be on the same page. We were very happy to find out that these advantages also merited CARET Legal a spot among the leading top 15 law practice management solutions selected by FinancesOnline.

Among other features, they also discuss the calendar management tool designed for effective scheduling, the same as our premium billing and accounting system tailored for legal professionals. Reading on, users can also familiarize with our flexible pricing offers and integrations.

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