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Posts by Elisa Grimaldi:

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Legal Practice Management Software Pricing: 6 Quick Tips

Purchasing a new practice management system is a major step in moving towards increased productivity, efficiency and collaboration. However, when it comes to purchasing a legal practice management system (LPM), it is not a one-and-done deal. Your law firm will come to see that there are many LPMs to choose from, with varying degrees of transparency among the brands. Whether you work in a small practice or a larger one, firms of all sizes can benefit from understanding the costs associated with choosing a legal practice management software.

man using cloud based practice management system on laptop

Cloud-Based Practice Management Software Benefits

Adoption of legal technology is on the rise and legal professionals are using legal practice management software to enhance the productivity of their practices. Not only because of more individuals working from home, but advancements in technology overall have contributed to the legal industry embracing technology in the workplace.

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“Stress-Free Productivity” in Your Law Firm

As a lawyer or legal professional, you are well aware of the pressure to stay productive in order to tackle the never-ending tasks that seem to grow with each passing day. David Allen discusses what it means to be productive without being in a constant state of stress in his New York Times Bestselling Book Getting Things Done.

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Why Branded Touchpoints Are More Important Than Ever Before

With so much technology at our fingertips, individuals are inundated with information in the form of email, text messages, news alerts and social media notifications. As a business, it can be difficult to cut through all of the “digital noise” and connect with people; branded touchpoints are more important than ever.

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CARET Legal Feature Spotlight: Document Management Tools

Most legal matters involve hundreds of documents, many of which have numerous iterations along the way. CARET Legal’s robust document management system not only helps firms efficiently manage these files, but also offers interoperability with CARET Legal’s other native matter management tools, maximizing efficiency and productivity.

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CARET Legal Feature Spotlight: Dedicated Timekeeper Goals Setup Page

Legal professionals use a wide variety of tools and methods for tracking time spent on billable matters. Some are sophisticated, while others are more problematic and error-prone; for example, lawyers who use giant spreadsheets that are updated at the end of each day or week or sticky notes to jot down each task by hand.

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New Tools to Enhance Law Firm Efficiency

Every year, we look forward to heading to Chicago for ABA TECHSHOW to join fellow tech-enthusiasts for new product announcements, informative sessions and panel discussions, and networking with partners, colleagues and clients. Despite this year’s conference being held virtually, we are still excited to share a few of the over 1200 updates that we’ve made to CARET Legal since last year’s event.

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